At IDE.ALLCARE, a rejuvenation and Health Care centre, we offer non-surgical treatments designed to reduce common site facial lines. Nothing can stop time passing, we all grow older and it shows in our faces. Ageing is a natural process but many people want to get a younger, smoother looking face and enhanced appearance.

Facial wrinkles can be reduced using Botulinum toxin type "A" treatment.
An injection of a tiny amount of this product prevents the release of acetylcholine from sympathetic nerves endings, thus preventing the affected muscle from contracting and causing wrinkles and frown lines. As the muscle relaxes, the skin smoothes out. The smoothing effect usually lasts for up to four months. Botulinum treatment is very successful in treating areas such as deep creases between the eyebrows, crow's feet and forehead lines.

At IDE.ALLCARE, we use as well a Dermal-Filler made of injectable hyaluronic acid for deeper wrinkles and those that appear in the lower part of the face. A dermal filler treatment is used to plump up lines, wrinkles, the result is immediate. It may however, take a few days before the full impact is visible.
Hyaluronic acid is a large sugar molecule and a natural component of the skin which helps to retain water.
It can be used to treat a range of conditions such as naso-labial folds and lip augmentation and has demonstrated significant results.
Our body produces every day hyaluronic acid but as we get older, the amount declines and creases become deeper.
Once in place, the filler is slowly absorbed and naturally cleared by the body.
Results last between five to seven months variably depending upon skin type, lifestyle, age and previous treatments.

ISABELLE AUGUIN-LOLLICHON received her Aesthetic training under the expert hand of Mr Peter Sharma, the world renown Aesthetician and designer of the new and first ever UK Dermal Filler, Uma Jeunesse®.

You are invited to visit IDE.ALLCARE centre, located in the ANTARA SPA at The Chelsea Club, for a free consultation in order to discuss any anti-wrinkles treatment you are expecting to take.

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We offer you a free consultation and should you wish to go ahead with treatment, it will proceed.

In addition, at IDE.ALLCARE centre, Isabelle AUGUIN-LOLLICHON can provide a large range of general cares. Isabelle is a health care professional with over 27 years experience and as a registered nurse (RN) who can perform any nursing care provided in a hospital or within a General Practice. Services range from monitoring vital signs such as pulse and blood pressure, to dressing wounds, suture removal, blood sample, injections. Isabelle can also set-up intravenous catheter for drugs treatments.